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VIIRS Version 1 Deep Blue aerosol data available

We are pleased to announce that the Version 1 VIIRS Deep Blue aerosol data set is available. Deep Blue product provides aerosol optical depth at 550 nm among other quantities, using the Deep Blue (DB) algorithm over land and Satellite Ocean Aerosol Retrieval (SOAR) algorithm over ocean.

Sample VIIRS image with retrieval results

New paper published describing VIIRS ocean aerosol data set

This figure shows example retrieval results at L2 resolution. (a) A true-color image, as well as retrieved (b) AOD at 550 nm and (c) FMF. L2 cells without QA = 3 retrievals are shaded in gray.

5 January 2018

MODIS Collection 6.1 public release has begun

19 October 2017

The Collection 6.1 (C6.1) reprocessing of MODIS Atmospheres data products, including Deep Blue, has begun! At the time of writing, MODIS Terra data from 2000 to mid-2008 are available; additional data are added to the archive as they are processed.

Illustration of the effects of the sphericity assumption on aerosol retrievals

New paper published describing nonspherical dust aerosol models

This figure shows VIIRS SOAR AOD from (a) spherical and (b) spheroidal dust optical models, (c) AOD difference between the two, and (d) AOD longitudinal cross section along the dust transport path.

16 October 2017

True-color and AOD maps for an example scene covering South America

AVHRR Deep Blue papers published and featured in EOS

Figure shows (a) MODIS Aqua true-color image, (b) MODIS AOD at 550 nm from Collection 6, and (c) the new AVHRR AOD at the same wavelength from NOAA18, for a smoke event over South America on 7 September 2006. This shows an example of the comparability of the two products.

2 October, 2017

Time series of VIIRS gain correction factors

New paper published about MODIS/VIIRS cross-calibration and improvement of aerosol retrieval

Time series of spectral gain corrections developed in the study, to bring MODIS and VIIRS into radiometric consistency. Red lines indicate the correction and shaded grey the one standard deviation of correction estimates within each month.


AVHRR and MODIS seasonal AOD composites for 2006

AVHRR Deep Blue aerosol data version 1 data available

Image shows seasonal composites of 550 nm AOD from the new AVHRR Deep Blue aerosol product (left) and the MODIS Collection 6 product (right), for the year 2006. AVHRR data are Deep Blue over land and SOAR over water; MODIS data are Deep Blue over land and the MODIS ocean algorithm over water.


Validation of the ASHE algorithm, from Lee et al (2016)

New papers in Aerosol and Air Quality Research special issue

This figure from Lee et al. (2016) shows (top) time series of ASHE and MPLNET aerosol top height (ATH), (middle) VIIRS and AERONET AOD, and (bottom) ASHE and AERONET SSA from the complete algorithm (left) and simplified algorithm (right). Only best QA data are shown. The MPLNET and AERONET data are presented only if there are ASHE retrieved ATH data, while the gray dots represent the full MPLNET/AERONET data records. The black vertical line separates 2013 and 2014.


MODIS Terra true color overlaid with Deep Blue aerosol optical depth, showing data from May 31 2016.

MODIS Deep Blue Collection 6 data now available in NASA Worldview

MODIS Terra true color overlaid with Deep Blue aerosol optical depth, showing data from May 31 2016.

We are pleased to announce that select MODIS Collection 6 Atmospheres data products, including Deep Blue aerosol data, are now available on the NASA Worldview satellite imagery browsing tool. At present, data from 2007-2015 are currently available. Earlier years, as well as 2016 data (and near-real-time availability), are being added.

Key features of Worldview include:

Aerosols - above - clouds article featured as an EOS research spotlight

The American Geophysical Union (AGU) have selected our recent article about monitoring aerosols above clouds for a Research Spotlight. The Spotlight has been published in EOS and you can read it here.