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True-color and AOD maps for an example scene covering South America

AVHRR Deep Blue papers published and featured in EOS

Figure shows (a) MODIS Aqua true-color image, (b) MODIS AOD at 550 nm from Collection 6, and (c) the new AVHRR AOD at the same wavelength from NOAA18, for a smoke event over South America on 7 September 2006. This shows an example of the comparability of the two products.

2 October, 2017

AVHRR and MODIS seasonal AOD composites for 2006

AVHRR Deep Blue aerosol data version 1 data available

Image shows seasonal composites of 550 nm AOD from the new AVHRR Deep Blue aerosol product (left) and the MODIS Collection 6 product (right), for the year 2006. AVHRR data are Deep Blue over land and SOAR over water; MODIS data are Deep Blue over land and the MODIS ocean algorithm over water.