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Validation of the ASHE algorithm, from Lee et al (2016)

New papers in Aerosol and Air Quality Research special issue

This figure from Lee et al. (2016) shows (top) time series of ASHE and MPLNET aerosol top height (ATH), (middle) VIIRS and AERONET AOD, and (bottom) ASHE and AERONET SSA from the complete algorithm (left) and simplified algorithm (right). Only best QA data are shown. The MPLNET and AERONET data are presented only if there are ASHE retrieved ATH data, while the gray dots represent the full MPLNET/AERONET data records. The black vertical line separates 2013 and 2014.


Case study of the ASHE algorithm over North America

Paper about aerosol height and single scattering albedo retrieval

Application of the aerosol single-scattering albedo and height estimation (ASHE) algorithm to a smoke event observed over North America on 16 July 2014. (a) VIIRS RGB image with MODIS/Aqua fire mask in red dots, (b) VIIRS Deep Blue AOD, (c) OMPS UVAI, (d) retrieved SSA and (e) ATH from ASHE, and (f) CALIOP total attenuated backscatter profile with CALIOP-derived (black circle) and ASHE-retrieved aerosol heights (cyan circle).