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AVHRR Deep Blue aerosol data version 1 data available

AVHRR and MODIS seasonal AOD composites for 2006

Image shows seasonal composites of 550 nm AOD from the new AVHRR Deep Blue aerosol product (left) and the MODIS Collection 6 product (right), for the year 2006. AVHRR data are Deep Blue over land and SOAR over water; MODIS data are Deep Blue over land and the MODIS ocean algorithm over water.


We are pleased to announce that version 1 (V001) of the AVHRR Deep Blue aerosol data set is available. This provides aerosol optical depth at 550 nm and AVHRR band 1 (around 630 nm), among other quantities, using versions of the Deep Blue (DB) algorithm over land and Satellite Ocean Aerosol Retrieval (SOAR) algorithm over ocean. Version 1 consists of data from the following platforms:
- NOAA18 AVHRR data from 2006-2011
- NOAA14 AVHRR data from 1995-1999
- NOAA11 AVHRR data from 1989-1990

Note: this should be considered a demonstration research-level data product, still under validation, and comments/suggestions are welcome..

Level 2 data are provided in 5-minute granules, similar to MODIS, at approximately 8.8 km x 8.8 km pixel size at the sub-satellite point. Level 3 daily and monthly composites at 1 degree horizontal resolution are also available. All files are in NetCDF4 format, and compliant with CF version 1.6 metadata conventions.

The data set is available through the NASA Center for Climate Simulation (NCCS) data portal:
- http access is at 
- ftp access is at or with username AVHRRDeepBlue and no password

A data product user guide is also available at the above link. Access is free and does not require registration. More information is also provided on the 'data' tab of this website.

At the time of writing the NOAA18 AVHRR record has been uploaded, and the NOAA11/NOAA14 portions will follow in the coming weeks as they are processed. Algorithm and validation papers have been submitted and we are happy to discuss these in more detail. If you have any questions, comments, or problems, please feel free to get in touch with us.